Making and Baking

At its very finest, bread and pizza dough can be an art form and a labor of love.  I came to love bread & pizza making long ago - with my first sourdough starter purchased via mail order from San Francisco nearly 40 years.  As I delved further into bread craft and wood-fired ovens, I sought out top-of-the-line products, studied the processes and technique followed by masters, and contacted everyone with the expertise to share.   I learned that the ability to draw out the very peak flavor of the food at each and every firing hinges on the know-how scattered across so many areas of expertise....from planning and building the oven (and flue); to firing the oven properly; to selecting the right ingredients; to preparing the dough; and ultimately to the baking time and temperatures. 

My understanding of bread, dough, temperature, stone, and time grew by trial and error over time.  Now, as more people look for their outdoor spaces to reflect their living passions, I want to share this knowledge with customers and friends of Fireplace Gardens.   If you want to enjoy the very finest results when using wood-fired ovens; if you are curious about bread-making and want to have first hand look; or even if you just want to see what a wood-fired oven looks like, please call us to reserve your spot for a "Bread & Pizza Making In a Wood-Fired Oven" class. 

We are currently planning a community education calendar for the fall and winter to promote mastery in bread and pizza making in a wood-fired oven.   Topics to include: oven selection and proper location, dough formulas w/ superior ingredients, proper mixing, shaping, starter doughs, fermentations, and special "tools of the trade" ! It is all S-O-O easy once you see first hand how it all fits together -you will be very capable after just one session! 

Call or email to inquire or schedule a private lesson ... Fall/Winter schedules now being set !