Choosing the Right Plants

Selecting and grouping the right plants can:

  • Balance lighting and shade. 
  • Soften edges or highlight the space.
  • Expand living spaces into the outdoors physically or visually. 
  • Create transitions between indoor and outdoor spaces. 
  • Build visual layers in the space: tall, medium, accents and ground-covers. 
  • Divide the space into different levels
  • Frame interesting sight lines

It's clear how smart planting decisions can pack a punch in outdoor space design in so many ways.   But, combining the plantings and other elements also requires thoughtful editing so that the space functions and appeals in every season - as well as in the future when plantings are fully matured.  Interested in knowing more about what can work for your lifestyle, outdoor conditions, and vision?  Give us a call to discuss your persona outdoor space. 

Just want to check out planting choices in action?  Browse all of our OUTDOOR SPACES photo galleries - here is a link to showcase of several new and mature seasonally beautiful planting designs - imagine what is possible in your outdoor space!