Making Bread and Pizza in a Wood-Fired Oven

At its very finest, bread and pizza dough can be an art form and a labor of love.  I came to love bread & pizza making long ago - with my first sourdough starter purchased via mail order from San Francisco nearly 40 years.  As I delved further into bread craft and wood-fired ovens, I sought out top-of-the-line products, studied the processes and technique followed by masters, and contacted everyone with the expertise to share.   I learned that the ability to draw out the very peak flavor of the food at each and every firing hinges on the know-how scattered across so many areas of expertise....from planning and building the oven (and flue); to firing the oven properly; to selecting the right ingredients; to preparing the dough; and ultimately to the baking time and temperatures. 

My understanding of bread, dough, temperature, stone, and time grew by trial and error over time.  Now, as more people look for their outdoor spaces to reflect their living passions, I want to share this knowledge with customers and friends of Fireplace Gardens.   If you want to enjoy the very finest results when using wood-fired ovens; if you are curious about bread-making and want to have first hand look; or even if you just want to see what a wood-fired oven looks like, please call us to reserve your spot for a "Bread & Pizza Making In a Wood-Fired Oven" class. 

We are currently planning a community education calendar for the fall and winter to promote mastery in bread and pizza making in a wood-fired oven.   Topics to include: oven selection and proper location, dough formulas w/ superior ingredients, proper mixing, shaping, starter doughs, fermentations, and special "tools of the trade" ! It is all S-O-O easy once you see first hand how it all fits together -you will be very capable after just one session! 

Call or email to inquire or schedule a private lesson ... Fall/Winter schedules now being set !

Choosing the Right Plants

Selecting and grouping the right plants can:

  • Balance lighting and shade. 
  • Soften edges or highlight the space.
  • Expand living spaces into the outdoors physically or visually. 
  • Create transitions between indoor and outdoor spaces. 
  • Build visual layers in the space: tall, medium, accents and ground-covers. 
  • Divide the space into different levels
  • Frame interesting sight lines

It's clear how smart planting decisions can pack a punch in outdoor space design in so many ways.   But, combining the plantings and other elements also requires thoughtful editing so that the space functions and appeals in every season - as well as in the future when plantings are fully matured.  Interested in knowing more about what can work for your lifestyle, outdoor conditions, and vision?  Give us a call to discuss your persona outdoor space. 

Just want to check out planting choices in action?  Browse all of our OUTDOOR SPACES photo galleries - here is a link to showcase of several new and mature seasonally beautiful planting designs - imagine what is possible in your outdoor space!

Small Scale Outdoor Living Design

TRULY innovative outdoor spaces design ... a need for the NEW home-buyers from GEN-X, millennials, and recently retired couples who demand better use of the smaller outdoor areas of popular planned communities sites such as 'Walden' in Mechanicsburg, Pa.

Intensive uses with top quality materials choices, multi-layered functions such as table/chairs areas together with firepits, cooking stations, sculptural elements, smaller scale plantings choices, season-long color, etc. require a NEW approach in the residential design process.  Our passion for small scale detailing and unique spatial planning, together with our 45 years of experience, gives us the tools needed to meet your specific wishes !

Visit our showroom on the Carlisle Pike or give us a call ... let's create a pleasant and beautiful space that says ..."you".

Introducing Fireplace Gardens

Welcome to Fireplace Gardens, a division of D.L. Lepro-Landscape ll.  David Lepro, proprietor, is a classical Landscape Architecture advocate with a key focus on residential spaces development and creates superb plantings accents.  This 45 years old business has a long held excellent reputation for creative landscapes throughout all of south central Pennsylvania.  We have been commissioned for keynote projects across the Northeast and New England, such as Nantucket (Massachusetts), New York State, and Northern Maryland.  Our expert ability to use water features, outdoor fires, excellent planting choices, and creative spatial development is our trademark.  Each home and family is unique ... so should the spaces that are integrated with each!       

We welcome you also to visit our fireplace/stoves shop. Our showroom offers complete displays of the very best in class top quality fire products, including gas, wood, pellet, and coal fireplaces; stoves inserts; fire pits; and wood-burning ovens for pizza/bread making. We also offer complete installation and repair services (be sure check out the photos in our "Under Construction" page to see the installation of a wood-burning oven).  We also have a complete line of wood, pellet, and coal stoves, fireplaces, chimneys, and specialty grills, like pellet and charcoal Primo grills.

Spring 2016: Improvements + Additions - Front Entry, Patio, + Products

Come by to see our NEW outdoor burning display of the "Cross-Fyre" gas firepit burner! During your visit...come inside to see the complete Primo Kamodo Grills line along with new 2016-17 wood burners, gas + pellet inserts/stoves, and the RSF (Rumford Fire Place Display)!

We have also added further new plantings to our front entry rear patio areas! See many new material choices on display and, if you visit about now...enjoy intoxicating pleasant smell of our Dwarf Korean Lilacs. Roses are next, many other flowers due later summer and fall.